Saturday, December 18, 2010

School Os

School OS is complete and fully functional operating system based on the Gnome window managers and powered by the popular Ubuntu Linux Distribution but It is MonoFree. School OS Comes with Live DVD which specially made for Indian students. SchoolOS is joint collaboration of NCERT , IIT Delhi and Knowledge Commons.
School Os is one of the best OS which is used for educational purpose.It consist of almost all applications that a normal student needs.More details on School Os can be viewd by clicking here.You can download School Os via torrent or direct link.
For downloading page click here.School Os has many more application and so it is having a large size of 2.3Gb,that a person having normal INTERNET connection may takes more time to download.For those people, you can Buy DVDs from different place around India. In Trivandrum I can provide you the OS.
List of ISO distributors are :
1.Zyxware Technologies Rs 30 per DVD (Pay Online)
2.Fazilka (Punjab) and Chandigarh Rs 60 per DVD (Pay Online)
3.Raru(Myself) Rs 110 per DVD + Rs40 for shipping
4.Meerut and Ghaziabad Rs 110 per DVD + Rs40 for shipping
5.Bangalore based shop Rs 80 per DVD + Rs 30 for shipping
6.RainbowcomputechRs 100 per DVD (Pay Online)