Thursday, April 1, 2010

Me and Linux!

Hai Friends,
Now I would like to have new posts in my Blog.This is my second post.This is about something which I talk many times in a day with my friends.That is about Linux!!!Now am a great fan of Using Linux.
In this case I would like say thanks to Mahesh Mohan MU who had introduced Linux to me.I think if he didn't introduce it to me, then I would be using this great software.This revolution takes place before 3 years I think.At that time I was studying in +1 at Sree Narayana Public School.Before saying That Story I would like to introduce Mahesh to you all.
Mahesh is my co-brother!He is now studying in University Institute of Technology-Trivandrum as my senior (4th semister Science). This is his blog everyone can go through it.Now let me start it.Once when he visited my home he carry Linux mint 6(Felicia).And he asked me whether I need it or not.So I prefer him for a preview!And was interested just by seeing its speed!.So I asked him to install it.And I started using Linux.I had used Felicia for two years.Within a year got net connection in my home.At first I used net for just chatting and downloading Mp3 or games!!After some time I changed to Karmic Koala at the next day of its release!And waited for mint 8.When Mint was released I downloaded it and starts using it!At that time my system was dual booting that is having windows and Linux.Since that time I use linux only for internet uses as windows will do data transfer without our known if some virus is affected!During these time I used to ask Mahesh if I got some doubts regarding Linux.Then he introduce me to Fsug-tvm!And I had joined it and ask my doubts frequently.After sometime I got knowledge by reading all post and I became able to replay to others doubts.So I started helping others too...While doing that I got many good friends from mailing list like subin,Adhin etc...Subin and Adhin where the two person who helped me a lot using Linux applications.Now I had used many distros of Linux.
Now in my system their is three OS,that is Ubuntu 9.10,ubuntu studio 9.04 and Windows.Now I am a man who don't like to use windows!I hate windows!!The only reason I had yet not deleted Windows is for some others to use it(Probably my brother!!)...I had quarrelled my in the name of Linux and Windows!In Google Buzz me had post a sentence and had a quarrel with a friend named Arun.The sentence was this"Windows can be a great tool for the lazy and incompetent, but it takes a true scholar and one who wants to learn to run a robust operating system like Linux.".Anyway this something related to me and Linux.Hope it was nice.Thank you for visiting.Will post more information soon!!!