Friday, April 2, 2010

My first SMC camp...!

Hai Freinds,

First of all I need to tell you what SMC is...SMC means Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.This is the link to SMC googlegroup can join this group and can ask them more details about it.On 27th and 28th of March an SMC camp was conducted at Space office,vellayamballam,Trivandrum.This was my first SMC camp!

The camp was really interesting!The camp was filled with many jokes and some ideas on some matters by many people.It was the first SMC camp where some girls too joined.For this I really thank Dhananjay,Jerrin and Rahul.For this camp we had done two meetings at Zyxware office Kesavadasapuram.The first meeting was on 24th March. In that meeting their were Seven people (Sooraj,Dhananjay,Rahul,Jerrin,Vipin,Mahesh and me).In that meeting we had discussed many ideas and were posted here(Link to that ).

Then the second meeting was on 26th March at Zyxware Kesavadasapuram.While the second meeting unfortunately Their was rain and So number of people had decreased to five(Mahesh and vipin doesn't came).An on that meeting we had finalised some and also we got some stickers too!!...

On 27th morning I was a little late because of traffic block. I reached the camp at 10am.At that Time their was Sooraj,Aashik,Vipin,Dhananjay,Rahul and jerrin.But within an hour the number of people increased to 15 and go on till 27.In the camp most of the people where from CET-Tvm.When the number of people increased we changed some of our plans.At first Sooraj give some introduction to all about the camp.Then Self introduction by everyone of the camp. After that we Split everyone to groups and give different jobs to different groups.Vipin and prefer to translate ubuntu manual as we think if will be a great use for many.And we got some of them who came from kariyavattom university.After that vipin and me tried to split our team into two and starts doing the work of same ubuntu manual from different pages...Me got two others (One from Kariyavattom university and other from SCT-tvm vipins friend- Hari)But after sometime we realised that the people came from Kariyavattom university is having no use to the camp!!!And time came for food.we all dispersed for food.At that time Vipin ,Hari and me gone to have food as a group.While that time we had got some jokes!!.And we planed to become a single group with we three and make those people from Kariyavattom university another team, So that we think we can do the work more fast!!.
But while writerning back we came to know that those people from Kariyavattom university had gone out!!!And that was something sounds good for us.And we starts continuing our work after getting a class on font dessigning!

And we done 3 times more as we done in morning!!!And at 5pm camp was dispersed hoping all will be back tommorow!!!But on the second day the number of people was very less.Even I came the camp on 12pm a I ws having Drums class!!.And we don some work by some "allambs and all" !!!

Anyway the camp was really a good one....I think we should have more camps like this!!!

After the camp we planned to write a review on the camp by everyone and post it here...And got many new ideas to make the camp more interesting and useful.

Some pictures from the camp!!!

Think you all liked this post!Thankyou,Visit my blog again...