Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Techvidya-The Low cost computer magazine!

Dear all,
I hope at least some of them will know about the magazine Techvidya. Techvidya is the only one computer magazine which is having the low cost that is ten rupees only! Techvidya is having more Foss related articles. In the magazine it is classified into five types in contents that is, Feature,Tech Guru,Podikkay,Padanajalakam,Panthikal.
More over a tutorial of Gimp and Open Office is their.And it is very useful for the beginners.I am a reader of this magazine for more than twelve months.
Now an interesting this is going to happen,
e-books in Malayalam.Techvidya Magazine and Techvidya books are going to release as e-books.
The specialties are, it will support most of the e-records and for others it will be PDF format.Now you can read Techvidya and Techvidya books from anywhere of the world!.
This will become a History in May 2010.