Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 features...What will be the changes?

Ubuntu is going to release the latest version,Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat).So let us see what all are the changes which are going to took place!.The Ubuntu developers are moving quickly to bring you the latest and greatest software the Open Source community has to offer.

Ubuntu 10.10 is having many change from ubuntu 10.04.In this post I would like to post about the changes that is going to occur in 10.10!Now canonical has released the Ubuntu 10.10 Beta.I know only few changes which is going to happen in ubuntu 10.10 and I would like to share it with you all.

Hai to Guayadeque Music player

In ubuntu 10.10 You can hear music via Guayadeque Music Player which will be good news for music listeners . It has many new features like Ability to download covers manually or automatically. It plays many formats like Play mp3, ogg, flac, wma, mpc, mp4, ape, etc.

Now you can use Guayadeque player in Ubuntu 10.04 using ppa .click following to know more.
Guayadeque music player in Ubuntu 10.04
New File System

I came to know that the next-generation BTRFS filesystem could be the default filesystem for Maverick .But the current file system in ubuntu is EXT4 which is called “StopGap” towards BTRFS.

Banshee may get full Ipod/Iphone support

There are many issues regarding Banshee Media player like whether it will be default media player in ubuntu 10.10 or not , whether it will get full Ipod /Iphone or not .
Till now it’s not sure whether it will be default media player or not , But Ubuntu team are trying their best to get full Ipod /Iphone support .
Note : Rhythmbox will remain the default music player for Maverick
I got this information from from this link.

Goodbye to F-spot

Shotwell is going to replace F-spot from the default Image Application in ubuntu 10.10 . Shotwell is an open source photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment.

Some of the features of shotwell are :
•import photos from any digital camera supported by gPhoto
•automatically organize events containing photos taken at the same time
•non-destructive editing allows altering photos without ruining originals or using disk space for each copy
•one-click auto-enhancement
•rotate, mirror, and crop photos
•reduce red-eye and adjust the exposure, saturation, tint, and temperature of your photos
•export photos as they are or by specifying dimensions and JPEG quality to reduce size
•edit any photo, even if it’s not imported to the Shotwell library
For more Info Visit this link.

A History Tab to Ubuntu Software Center

Hurray !!! Ubuntu 10.10 Software centre is going to have History Tab which is really good news for ubuntu users . It shows recently installed softwares . I think its going to act like Add/remove programs in windows .
For more info , Visit this link

Introducing New Games

There was some news games added to lucid,Now it is going to add games which more people who likes only to use free software and likes to play games,it will be useful for them.

And lot more changes to come....Visit this link to know more changes.