Thursday, August 19, 2010

Richard Stallman To Kerala(Kottayam)!

Hai Friends,
You might be Happy to hear that Richard Matthew Stallman,Who is known as Father of free Software is going to visit a college in Kerala on September 9th of this month, As am happy.This program is organized by a group of students(Swathanthra-The Free Software Users Group) of St.Joseph's College of Engineering & Technology,Palai.They are focusing on issues related to advocating, promoting, and supporting the cause of ‘Free Software’, free software operating systems, sharing free software resources and also free software development. Their activities also include seminars and meetings, workshops and campaigns to promote awareness of free software among the students and the public.

On September 9th Richard M. Stallman will deliver a speech on "Free Software and Your Freedom" from 10.30am to 1.00pm. Also the free Software Users Group of the college named as "Swathanthra" will be done by RMS. For Registration click here.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Santhigiri Parnasala dedication

Hai friends,
Today I visited santhigiri Ashram to see the dedication of parnasala to the humanity at 10 AM by Smt.Prathibha Devising Patil,Her excellency the President of India and offered flowers at parnasala.And I would like the share something about the santhigiri ,Parnasala and the program their.
Santhigiri is located in Pothencode,Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala.Santhigiri ashram was found by Navajoythi sree Karunakara Guru and is recognized as a Social and Scientific Research Organization by the Government of India. Now my readers will be amazing what is Parnasala.Here is the Story behind Parnasala(It is being copied from a website).


The significance of the Parnasala flows from Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru's Life and Realization for the world. The Guru took birth on Thursday, 1st September, 1927, at Chandiroor, a small village in Alappuzha district of Kerala. Guru was very quiet in his childhood. He felt inside him a 'Light' effulgence - prompted by which he spoke occasionally. He was privately tutored by a local school teacher at the age of eight. When he was 13, he approached his teacher and told him about his desire to lead the life of an ascetic. Guru thus reached Aluva Advaita Ashram in 1940. He lived in Sivagiri Mutt and its branch ashrams for 17 years. He required the guidance of a spiritual master to clarify his childhood visionary experience of the 'Light'. Being born with an inherent spiritual mission, he struggled in the absence of a spiritual guide. But soon the Master he was waiting for came into his life. Qureshia Fakir, a wandering Sufi saint, sensed the glitter of Guru's soul and embraced him exclaiming three times, “You are the Heir, You are the Heir, You are the Heir''. Guru accepted Qureshia Fakir, known also as Pattani Swami, as his spiritual guide for self- attainment. Several years went by with extreme sacrifices, pain and difficulties. At the end of it all, he came to Pothencode, near Thiruvananthapuram, and established Santhigiri Ashram in the year 1964. He built a ‘Parnasala’ – a single thatched room with four wooden pillars supporting it. That was the nascent form of ‘Parnasala’. In the year 1969, it was tiled with the permission of Guru. It was here Guru sat and discoursed to the disciples. The spiritual completion of Guru took place in the year 1974 after several ordeals and sacrifices that are beyond human endurance. A revelation came from the Supreme Effulgence of Brahman that what it (Brahman) had desired for long ages has now been fulfilled through Guru. Along with it came the corrections to many ages of spiritual error. Guru revealed that the tragedies and difficulties each man suffers in the world are due to the karmic errors. By his spiritual completion, Guru was ordained to perform spiritual purification of the souls, the salvation of souls from all karmic impurities. Along with it a large community of disciples who recognized Guru’s supreme spiritual ascendancy came into existence in Santhigiri , as the Santhigiri Guru Parampara.

I think parnasala is the only one building in kerala which is made by marble and the most beautiful building.It is a 91-foot lotus-shaped structure in pristine white marble.

On August 13th, Friday,Our President Pratibha Devisingh Patil has dedicate the Parnasala, which is the final resting place of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru, the founder of the Ashram. The President had also formally inaugurate the month-long celebrations to be held at the Ashram in connection with the Parnasala dedication.She had been received by the representatives of the Ashram led by the ‘sanyasi sangh.' After offering prayers at the prayer hall (Aradhanalayam), the President offered flowers at the Parnasala. The dedication ceremony is attended by social, cultural and spiritual leaders.Governor R.S. Gavai had delivered the presidential address at the meeting. Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, MPs Shashi Tharoor and A. Sampath, J Arundhathi, MLA, and KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala had offered felicitation.

Before the President came their was a program help by the winners of the reality contest"Idea Star Singer".It was an attractive program of all.Their is going to held some exhibition in the coming days and everywhere was preparing for it.I hope it will also be a nice program.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Easy way to Reinstall Grub.

Hi friends,
Most of them will be using their Computer system as dual booting with both windows and ubuntu linux.If windows is installing after Linux installation then it will leads to the loss of GRUB.If Grub is lost then Just follow these simple steps and reload the Grub.
Step 1.Enter the required OS(Ubuntu Linux) and bootin as live Cd.
Step 2.Open the terminal and enter this

"grub-install -v"

This will show the current version installed on your computer system i.e.,GRUB 2 should display a version number of 1.96 or Legacy GRUB is version 0.97.(Their is no need to do this step to all those who use the latest version of Ubuntu after 9.10)
Step 3.Mount the installed ubuntu partition from Places menu by clicking it.
Step 4.Now enter the below in terminal.

"mount | tail -1"

The output will be just like this,

" ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ mount | tail -1
/dev/sda6 on /media/953b6aec-279f-4cd2-bd9f-4bc872fc1f6b type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks) "
Step 5.Now its time to reinstall Grub by specifying the correct directory and the correct drive name.Enter the below in terminal.(Note that drive name should be correct.If not make it correct.)

" sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/953b6aec-279f-4cd2-bd9f-4bc872fc1f6b /dev/sda "
Step 6. If the output is

" ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/953b6aec-279f-4cd2-bd9f-4bc872fc1f6b /dev/sda
Installation finished. No error reported. "

You can restart your Computer.