Thursday, August 19, 2010

Richard Stallman To Kerala(Kottayam)!

Hai Friends,
You might be Happy to hear that Richard Matthew Stallman,Who is known as Father of free Software is going to visit a college in Kerala on September 9th of this month, As am happy.This program is organized by a group of students(Swathanthra-The Free Software Users Group) of St.Joseph's College of Engineering & Technology,Palai.They are focusing on issues related to advocating, promoting, and supporting the cause of ‘Free Software’, free software operating systems, sharing free software resources and also free software development. Their activities also include seminars and meetings, workshops and campaigns to promote awareness of free software among the students and the public.

On September 9th Richard M. Stallman will deliver a speech on "Free Software and Your Freedom" from 10.30am to 1.00pm. Also the free Software Users Group of the college named as "Swathanthra" will be done by RMS. For Registration click here.

For more details click here.